MECHANICSVILLE, Va. — A resident of Mechanicsville, Robert Butler, reported that a local carwash refused to wash his new 2015 Jeep Cherokee due to safety concerns, according to CBS 6, WTVR-TV.

Butler reported that Car Pool Car Wash declined to wash his Jeep due to the risk of sudden acceleration, stated the article.

Referred to as sudden acceleration, the problem occurs when the motor is running and the car, which is in neutral, shifts to drive, continued the article.

“It wasn’t discussed when we purchased the car,” said Butler in the article. “I’ve never of heard of that happening.”

A service technician told butler that the sensors in the vehicle trigger it to switch gears, added the article.

“The only place I’ve taken [my car] since then was a manual carwash where they actually do all of the carwashing by hand,” stated Butler in the article.

Tyree Brown, chief operating officer of Car Pool, showed a video to CBS 6 reporters of a Jeep Cherokee accelerating out of control at a wash, informed the article, and he said the vehicle’s history is why Car Pool is careful to not let this type of incident occur at its locations.

“Our policy [is that] we put the car in neutral; we turn the motor off; [and] the vehicle tracks through the carwash,” noted Brown in the article. “It’s not unusual to see us push Jeeps off the conveyor to a resting point in the exit.”

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