GEORGE, Utah — Ultra Car Wash, located in St. George, made a call to local police on Saturday around 10 a.m. after employees reported finding a metallic device strapped to the door, according to FOX 13.

Sgt. Rich Triplett of the St. George Police Department said the police determined the suspicious device appeared to be consistent with descriptions of a pipe bomb, stated the article.

The bomb squad was called to the carwash to remove the metallic device, reported the article, which was approximately five inches long.

The bomb squad will investigate the item to determine what it is and dispose of it safely, continued the article.

Triplett reported in the article that the details regarding possible motivation are unclear, and the carwash owners are not aware of any disgruntled employees or customers.

In an article appearing in St. George News¸ Triplett stated from what they can determine at this time the device appears to be explosive.

You can find the Fox 13 article here.

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