NOTTINGHAM, England — S.A.S. Hand Car Wash is open again after 10 weeks of closure after community members showed their support for the business, according to

The business was threatened after supermarket Waitrose wanted to make changes to the site, noted the article. Locals appealed to their councilor for support in negotiations with the company.

S.A.S. has rebranded itself as the area’s first eco-friendly hand carwash, stated the article. It now recycles water. Owner Steven Sweetman said in the article, “For us it's a win-win situation because we get to continue with our business while being more eco-friendly and better for the environment."

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The 22-year-old owner shared in the article the business has received a lot of support since reopening its doors.

"I was inundated with messages from local residents who wanted to keep the carwash open because it provides a good service at reasonable prices,” stated Wollaton West councilor Steve Battlemuch in the article. "I'm very pleased it is now back in its rightful place in Wollaton."

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