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Look the part

Present professionalism to your customers to earn their trust and business.


The first step to being a true professional is looking the part. First impressions are everything, and if you expect clients to hand over the keys to their vehicles or allow you to come to their houses, it is essential you appear trustworthy enough to do so.

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Detailing is a blue-collar industry, and we spend most of our time bent over in someone else’s dirty vehicle. The client will not expect you to arrive in a suit and tie, but they will expect you to appear well-kempt and clean. Personal appearance is a key component in any customer service-driven industry. Quite often you see this simple step not taken into consideration. Bathing, trimming/cleaning fingernails, keeping facial hair neat, removing extreme amounts of facial jewelry and maintaining hair are all things that could mean the difference between whether a customer uses you or the guy down the street.  


How the business represents itself is just as important as how you represent it. If you have a mobile detailing company, you want to make sure your detailing rig (car, truck, van, trailer) exudes professionalism. Make sure it is always clean, not severely damaged and organized inside to show customers how you intend to leave their vehicles. Another aspect to a professional detailing rig is proper lettering/signage. Not only will this help to advertise as you travel around, it will also leave a more professional impression when sitting in a driveway or outside someone’s house for hours at a time.


At a shop, operator cleanliness is just as important. Customers will look around your shop and sometimes ask to be shown around. Show customers you are a true professional by giving the impression your shop is clean, organized and ready for business.

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