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Los Angeles allows carwashes to reopen

LOS ANGELES — According to, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that carwashes and pet grooming and training services are allowed to reopen immediately.

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On average, Garcetti said, the city has had about 940 coronavirus cases each day for the last seven days, the article noted.

“The more that you keep your physical distance, the quicker we’ll be able to return to even more spaces,” Garcetti said, adding that studies indicate that the virus’ spread could be slowed just from people covering their faces in public.

However, while the number of cases is staying steady, Garcetti noted that May 19th marked the “second-highest number of deaths that we have seen.”

“So anybody who thinks we are out of the woods, we are not,” Garcetti said.

Los Angeles County officials’ newest goal is to more fully reopen the economy, including retail businesses, restaurants and malls, by July 4th, the article noted.

“We have to do a lot of things right so we can actually get to that date,” L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said. “I think the reality is that we are going to really aim together to get there as quickly as possible, but we’re going to pay attention to the data and science.”

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