MANATEE, Fla. — Philip Koehler, a University of Florida entomology professor, said that love bugs will remain a fixture in Florida for years to come, according to the Brandenton Herald.   

Koehler predicts that love bugs could be more prevalent this year. “It could be a pretty good season for them since we have had a wet winter and they love to feed on moist grass,” he said. Koehler continued by saying that love bug season will never be completely eliminated in Florida. “It’s an impossible task, and we don’t have the research funding to try and control them” as had been done in past years.

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The bugs come every year like clockwork, the article notes, in mid-April through May and again in fall.

Love bugs are a nuisance to people, and can cause damage to the paint of cars. Clear Sunset Car Wash Manager Shanise Brown, has prepped her employees on selling Bug Remover packages at the wash during the season. "There are different chemicals we can spray in the wash which will help repel the love bugs for a while, but that's about it," she said.

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