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Low water supply worries wash owners

SPRINGFIELD, MO — Water levels are 12 percent lower than normal for this time of year after a dry May and June in the area.


SPRINGFIELD, MO — The water supply here sits at the 80 percent level, and the utility company says that’s about 12 percent below the typical amount at this time of year, KSPR reported.

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The June 22 story stated that this is especially troublesome for carwash owners because all carwashing, commercial or otherwise, will be banned if water levels drop to 50 percent.

This situation has the operations manager at Legends Express Car Wash, Todd Twilbeck, actually hoping for rain. “It's a double edged sword, we don’t do that much business when it’s raining but it allows us to stay in business when it’s done raining,” he said in the story.

Though the city is not yet at a crisis level, water consumption in the area will still be monitored. If the Emergency Water Conservation Plan ends up taking effect, no type of carwashing is allowed, no irrigation is allowed and the filling or refilling of pools is prohibited.


“We rely directly on water,” Twilbeck said in the story. “We are one of those businesses that without the ability to take in water even at a lesser rate it definitely affects the business. There are places in the United States that are already telling people they can’t wash their cars in their own driveway. When it gets to be really bad there are already some places in the country shutting down commercial carwashes.”

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