Richmond, Va. – Tough times for the local economy have led to deep discounts for Carpool Car Wash, according to the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Paul Carr, the owner of the wash, lives in the community, and knew the prices the wash had didn’t match what the people could afford. Exterior-only washes, for example, were cut from $7 to $3.

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“I wanted to make the store fit the neighborhood,” Carr said. “It’s the original location for this chain. It’s a privately owned, locally owned business, and we decided to make it easier for people in this part of town to use our services.”

The wash put in new equipment, which allowed Carr to cut the number of employees, many of whom were transferred to other washes he owned.

Car Pool will not be switching to the new equipment at current locations, but may purchase new ones and use it at them, according to the article.

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