HYDE PARK, NY — A self storage company announced the beginning of a new division, Deluxe Car Storage, in a press release.

The Feb. 5 release stated that a car storage location minutes away from the Long Island Expressway will have facilities where car enthusiasts can store their luxury, exotic or classic cars in a deluxe environment.

Operation offers climate-controlled car storage, detailing

The storage facility has partnered with preferred vendors to provide special pricing on automotive services, such as detailing services, inspections, maintenance and transport.

Cars stored at the business will be pampered, but the site also includes a deluxe car club. Members can relax in a lounge and watch events on a large TV screen. Also, the walls are glass so members can view their cars and other members’ cars.

Detailing and preparing a car before storage

"At Deluxe Car Storage, we're dedicated to providing a state of the art, safe, clean environment for car enthusiasts to store classic, custom and luxury vehicles. Why? Because we're car lovers, too," Nicholas Coslov, CEO of Deluxe Car Storage, said in the release. "We're creating the kind of place where people can meet, talk shop, swap stories and, of course, show off their cars. It's the most high-end, secure luxury car storage environment you'll find in New York. It has to be — we store our cars here, too!"

Read the entire release here.