LOS ANGELES — According to www.adweek.com, Lyft recently pulled a huge stunt by taking over the La Cienega carwash in Los Angeles.

The design team, Wieden + Kennedy New York, gave the entire carwash a makeover in Lyft’s colors, the article noted, meaning the lot is awash in pink.

Further design changes include new carwash menus and wash-tunnel instructions as well as a giant, pink, neon Lyft carwash sign, which W+K described as an “unmissable thank you note to drivers,” the article stated.

Lyft decided to pursue this project as a thank you to its drivers, the article continued.

The carwash offers $1 washes to all of its drivers, and all proceeds will be donated to the L.A. Regional Food Bank, the article added.

“Have we gone mad?! Mad about our drivers!,” a sign outside the carwash says.

The carwash will run through Aug. 13th as a Lyft stop, the article concluded.

Read the article and view photos of the carwash here.