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Maintain towels properly

Using a color coded system can help keep vehicles' finishes pristine.


Following the correct washing procedures is not just an important factor for microfiber towels, but for terry towels as well. “[You] should never use dirty or soiled terry towels,” warns Juliette Silver, CEO of “They will definitely scratch or damage the paint’s finish.”

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Additionally, proper towel maintenance is not limited to simply following the correct washing directions. Managing how you use and maintain towels is also a key component to ensure towels last and remain of high quality.

Many industry professionals recommend instilling a color coded system to help keep towels at optimal quality and lower chances of cross contamination and/or potential risks to a vehicle. For example, a specific colored towel may be used solely for a particular type of chemical. Without a color coded system, a person might unknowingly grab a towel used for a type of chemical that may cause damage when applied to a certain area of the vehicle, such as leather or paint. With a color system in place, this person would know that precise towel is solely used when handling a certain chemical, and instead, grab the correct towel for the task at hand.


Color coding systems can also help during employee training, especially if employees do not all speak the same language. A color coded system can act as a universal language any employee can follow without verbally communicating.

In addition to applying a color coded system, detailers can employ a “towel management system” of folding the towel in quadrants while it is in use in order to utilize every part of the towel evenly. Then, flip the towel over and use in quadrants on the other side. This way the towel is being used as efficiently as possible. Some microfiber towels are now available with quadrants printed directly on the towels.


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