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Make microfiber towels work for you

The right towels can last longer and give you better results.


Towels might seem to be simple and universal, however not all towels are created equal and not all perform the same. The two different types of towels are terry cloth and microfiber. According to Danielle Harsip and Valerie Sweeney of ERC Wiping Products, Inc., microfiber towels continue to gain in popularity in the car care industry and are best for drying the windows, while terry towels are still great for drying the body of a car (assuming the towel is not too old and has been cared for properly). Both Harsip and Sweeney also offered  the following advice:

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Tips for microfiber towels:

  • Wash in either cool water or warm water (approximately 105 degrees or less).
  • Tumble dry low, air dry, or place in an extractor.  Please make sure dryer has fully cooled off from previous load.
  • ALWAYS wash colors separately.
  • NEVER use bleach or fabric softener.
  • NEVER iron.
  • NEVER wash microfiber towels with other laundry, especially cotton terry towels. The lint from the other towels will stick to the microfiber and you will have a very hard time getting it off.  To keep the wedges intact, it is best to wash microfibers in a full load to ensure less wear and tear.

Don’t make these mistakes

Some business owners don’t care for their towels as much as they care for their machinery. Towels may be a low cost item in comparison to expensive machines, but not caring for them properly leaves lint and scratches on cars, and if you don’t care for your towels, you could end up spending at least twice as much on towels then you really need to.

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