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Man arrested after stalking teen at carwash

GARDNERVILLE, NV — A Gardnerville man was arrested for allegedly stalking a teen as she washed a car at Ranchos Car Wash.


GARDNERVILLE, NV KOLO8 here reported that 24-year-old Edgar Oronia-Camacho was taken into custody by police after allegedly stalking a 17-year-old girl at the Ranchos Car Wash in Garnerville.

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The Sept. 21 story stated that the 17-year-old girl was washing her car in a wash bay when she was approached by Oronia-Camacho in a four-door sedan. He began nodding his head and honking his horn to get her attention.

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She waved him off to leave, but he kept driving around the wash nodding and honking. He then pulled into the adjacent bay and watched her. Next he drove across the street to another parking lot and stared at her for some time.


Frightened for her safety, the girl got into her car to drive away when Oronia-Camacho suddenly drove back and parked next to her.

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She called 911 who advised her to stop at a local 7-11 store, go inside and stay there. Oronia-Camacho followed the girl there, only to be scared away by the store clerk.

The store clerk was able to remember the license plate number, and the police tracked it to a nearby home. Oronia-Camacho was arrested and is still being held. It was later discovered that he pulled the same stunt in 2010, and earlier that morning on a 16-year-old.


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