SCARBOROUGH, Ontario — A man says when he picked up his Mazda RX-8 from a local detail shop, the odometer had been run up considerably, according to The Star.

Carlos Tomas says he snapped a photo of the odometer when he dropped the car off for a deep cleaning. When he picked it up, there were 449 more kilometers on the odometer than there were before he left it at Avenue Rentals and Detailing, reported the article.

Tomas had left a Mazda 6 with the detailers a month earlier, and there was damage to the grille when he picked it up. The car had also had body work done at a shop around the corner, said the article.

The detail shop has denied the claims, but Tomas later received a bill for tolls, showing the Mazda RX-8 had been driven 112 kilometers, stated the article. Police recommended Tomas take the issue to small claims court.

Avenue President Brandon Pinch said plans to sever his relationship with the man who runs the detail shop, noted the article. His brother Gerald Pinch is the general manager of the company and has been in prison since 2011, said the aticle.

An analyst with Toronto’s Municipal Licensing department said in the article, “Nobody should be doing any detailing at that location.”

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