ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — According to, surveillance video captured the scene of a young man, later identified as Jerred Holguin, 22, shooting another man at a carwash, ultimately killing him.

In the video, Holguin and another man appear to start fighting with the victim, and moments later, Holguin pulls a gun from his waistband and fires at least one shot, the article continued.

Police say the shot killed Matthew Shaw, who was walking along San Mateo Blvd. with his twin brother, the article noted.

Several people contacted Crimestoppers after the video was released and identified the shooter as Holguin, including Holguin’s mother, who called three days after the shooting to say she recognized her son in the video, the article added.

Holguin’s mother told police that her son had called her the day after the shooting and said, “I love you mom. I messed up.”

However, when she asked him what he was talking about, Holguin said he couldn’t tell her, the article continued.

Holguin has had a history of violence and arrests, all taking place over the last four years, the article added.

He is currently on the loose and facing his worst charge yet: first-degree murder, the article noted.

Two weeks before the shooting at this carwash, Holguin was arrested for threatening a woman with a gun and asking her repeatedly if she wanted to die, the article reported.

In 2015, Holguin was accused of firing a gun into the air from a moving car, the article concluded.

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