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Man hoping waterless washing will help homeless

YUCCA VALLEY, CA — Workers will be given supplies and transportation for the first 100 cars washed.


YUCCA VALLEY, CA — The owner of a carwash and detailing business has a plan to help hundreds of homeless people work, the Hi-Desert Star reported.

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The Oct. 24 story stated that Bob Guthrie is a Mississippi native who came to the area last week. His plan is to find and help homeless people in the area, including veterans, who need work.

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His campaign, which he calls “Make America Safe,” will train workers to wash cars using a waterless carwash solution. Workers will be given supplies and transportation for the first 100 cars they wash so they can buy their own product and become self-dependent.

Guthrie said that the solution he uses emulsifies dirt, and the ingredients help protect paint and leave no scratches. “There was a guy detailing a motor home with an electric brush. It took him six hours to do. With this solution, it took him less than two hours and it looked shinier,” Holmes claimed in the story.


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But Guthrie’s plans include more than just washing cars. He, along with a partner, plans to build a transitional housing facility in the area that can accommodate approximately 800 people.

The pair hopes to attract veterans to their cause by offering free carwashes and waxes to 100 veterans on Nov. 12, the day after Veterans Day. The event will serve as a fundraiser if Guthrie’s crew can get people to pledge a donation for each car washed.


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