CLEVELAND — According to, steep charges for what should have been a cheap wash for Harold Craig at a local self-serve carwash were rectified after Cleveland’s News 5 investigated the owner of the carwash chain Craig visited.

Craig was so frustrated with the multiple overcharges and his subsequent inability to contact the owner of the carwash, the article continued, that he recorded a nearly four-minute video showing his entire carwash for which he was later overcharged.

“It was last week when I first noticed I ended within three and half minutes and it should have been a $3 charge,” said Craig.

However, his bank statement revealed two $10 charges at the end of January and again at the end of March, the article noted.

When Craig called the number for the location on West 140th St. listed on the internet, it said a voicemail had not been set up for that number, the article added; another number listed for a different location did not even ring.

“It’s almost set up that you can’t communicate with them and people are not going to go out of their way for $6.50,” said Craig.

News 5 decided to investigate and managed to find someone who runs the carwash and who would work with Craig to refund his money, the article noted.

In addition, that person is double-checking the carwash’s system to see if the machine overcharged anyone else, the article concluded.

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