STALLINGS, N.C. — Police have arrested a man after he severely beat a customer at the Wash One carwash, according to WSOC TV.

Robert Spencer went to the wash to clean out his wife’s car when Cesar Walker Jr. approached him and asked to use his phone because his car had broken down, said the article.

After Walker used the phone, he began to assault Spencer, noted the article. Spencer claimed his attacker beat him with a tire iron and a pair of steel scissors.

In the article, Spencer said Walker claimed he had a gun and tried to force him in the car, but Spencer elbowed Walker in the mid-section, and Walker drove off in the victim’s car.

Spencer crawled to a nearby gas station for help, and a store clerk called dispatchers, stated the article.

Police tracked the number Walker called from Spencer’s cell phone, and were led to his the attacker’s mother’s home. He is being held on $50,000 bond.

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