ERIE, Pa. — According to, Desmond R. Carr, 29, has been charged of shooting a man in the calf, fracturing two bones in the victim’s leg, during an encounter at a carwash on March 3rd.

The victim was washing his pickup truck in a carwash bay when he saw a vehicle pull up behind him, the article continued.

Carr, whom the victim knows, exited the vehicle, and entered the victim’s truck, where the two began talking and then arguing, the article noted.

Carr pulled out a handgun from his pants pocket and fired a shot, hitting the victim’s leg, the article stated.

Carr then fled the area, and the victim drove himself to the hospital, where Erie police officers learned about the shooting and responded, finding the victim’s vehicle in the parking lot near the emergency room entrance and towing it away for evidence, the article continued.

One shell casing was found in the cab of the truck, the article stated.

After police filed charges against Carr on March 5th, U.S. Marshals Western Pennsylvania Fugitive Task Force apprehended Carr without incident at a hotel in Summit Township the next morning, the article noted.

After being turned over to the police, Carr awaited arraignment on felony counts of aggravated assault and carrying a firearm without a license as well as misdemeanor counts of recklessly endangering and possession of a weapon, the article concluded.

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