ASHDOWN, Ark. — According to, Daniel Flores, 33, faces charges for stealing almost $500 and the change machine it was in from Fawcett Car Wash on Feb. 27th.

Flores was arrested at a Coinstar Exchange machines in downtown Ashdown, the article stated.

Flores, a former employee of the carwash, admitted to deputies that he stole the change machine from the wash because he needed money, the article noted.

According to Flores, he used a crowbar to take the entire change machine and then hid the machine in the woods, the article stated.

Afterwards, the article continued, he took two one-gallon jugs full of $496.78 in coins to downtown Ashdown.

Police retrieved receipts from the Coinstar machine noting the exact amount of change Flores cashed in and later located the stolen change machine in the wood, the article added.

Flores was taken to Little River County Jail on $25,000 bond, the article concluded.

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