SPRINGFIELD, OH — A customer waiting at a dealership for a carwash got so angry that he punched an employee, WHIO reported.

The Nov. 19 story stated that company cars have priority at the dealership’s carwash. Customer Christopher Shaffer had been waiting about 30 minutes to get his car washed.

Sword wielding customer makes threats at wash

Police were dispatched to the business on a report of an employee being assaulted by a customer. The police report noted that the employee got in line in front of Shaffer for the wash.

Shaffer approached the victim’s vehicle, reached in and grabbed the victim by his coat and made a threat. Then, he punched the employee twice in the face and left.

Pepper spray used in carwash robbery

Shaffer was found a short time later with blood on his hand. He admitted to striking the employee, and he was charged with assault. The victim was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

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