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Market Focus: Flying Ace and Simoniz donate to Hamilton’s Caring Closet

This week, we cover a charity event for Flying Ace Express Car Wash and Simoniz, a groundbreaking and a grand opening.

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Flying Ace Express Car Wash and Simoniz donate $10,000 to Hamilton’s Caring Closet

HAMILTON, Ohio — Flying Ace Express Car Wash and Simoniz USA Inc. have announced the donation of $10,000 to Hamilton’s Caring Closet, which provides Hamilton City School District students in need with a box of clothing, a coat, a pair of shoes, new underwear and socks, and basic toiletries, according to a press release.

The check was presented to Caring Closet Executive Director Tammy Bucher Sims at the Hamilton Flying Ace Express Car Wash, located at 6560 Winford Ave., the release continued.

“When Simoniz USA’s President and CEO, William Gorra, approached asking for a local non-profit recommendation for their community relations donation initiative, I immediately recommended the Caring Closet,” said John Roush, Flying Ace Express partner and Express Wash Concepts CEO. “Through Simoniz’s generosity, and a match on behalf of Express Wash Concepts/Flying Ace Express Car Wash, we feel honored to help the Caring Closet provide vital assistance during a time when the need has never been greater.”

The Caring Closet is dedicated to improving the lives of Hamilton City School District children in grades K-12 by providing clothing and basic necessities to those in need, the release added.


In 2019, the Caring Closet provided more than 898 boxes of items to children in the Hamilton community, the release stated.

“This donation comes on the heels of our recent cancellation announcement of our sole annual fundraiser, Witches’ Night Out,” said Sims. “We are so grateful to Flying Ace Express Car Wash and Simoniz for providing the Caring Closet with a monetary gift that will enable us to continue our vital work in the Hamilton community.”

Tropical Rain Car Wash begins construction

ADA, Okla. — According to, Tropical Rain Car Wash broke ground on its first location in the 1000 block of Lonnie Abbot Industrial Blvd.

“The facility is an automatic carwash,” Lonnie Folsom, president and CEO of Tropical Rain, said. “You pull your car into an express tunnel, you put it in neutral, and it’ll take your car on through.”

Folsom, who has built similar facilities in Oklahoma City and Dallas, said that Tropical Rain uses state-of-the-art technology, the article noted.

“It’s all electric. There are no hydraulics,” Folsom said. “It’s all very slow-turning. It actually polishes the car as it comes through. So there are no hands on here at all. The tunnel will do it all. It will wax it; it will clean your tires, shine your tires. And it will blow-dry it on the way out.”


Folsom hopes to open the business in six to eight months, all depending on the weather, and employ seven to 12 people, the article stated.

The tunnel will be able to wash up to 120 cars per hour, and there will be free vacuums on-site, the article noted.

“We’re very kid-friendly, as you can tell from our logo. There will be cast-metal animals here. There will be animals in the tunnel as well as bright lights, so that when the kids come through, they’ll enjoy it,” Folsom concluded.

Custom Express Car Wash opens second location

FARGO, N.D. — According to, Custom Express Car Wash had a quiet grand opening for its second location in mid-July at 1702 40th St. S.

The new carwash runs about 150 cars through per day, although General Manager Eva Oakley expects the numbers to rise considerably after the economic disruption of the pandemic passes, the article continued.

From bug cleaning to drying, the wash process takes about 2.5 minutes, the article noted.

The wash uses robotic arms to clean the wheel wells, although extra mud can be power-washed out, Oakley said.

In addition, there are 18 blowers in the tunnel, free vacuums for customers to use as well as treats for kids and pets, the article noted.


Wash packages range from $10 to $18, with monthly and yearly subscriptions available, and detailing kits are $2 apiece, the article stated.

Custom Express was named Best of the Red River Valley 2019 for carwashes and detailers by readers of The Forum newspaper and Inforum website, the article noted.

Custom Express is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays in the summer and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays in the fall and winter, the article added.

A grand opening celebration date had not yet been set, the article concluded.

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