This week, we cover grand openings, including that of H2Go Express.

H2Go Express to celebrate Earth Day, grand opening with free carwashes

CYPRESS, Calif. — H2Go Express, an Orange County-based, family-owned carwash chain, will offer free, earth-friendly washes at its newest location at 9971 Valley View St. in Cypress the week of April 22-27, according to a press release. 

The free washes will be offered to celebrate the location’s official grand opening and to celebrate Earth Day, the release continued. 

H2Go Express’ business philosophy is centered around water conservation and the use of earth-friendly cleaning products, the release noted, and it is a proud member of WaterSavers®.

“Washing your car at home wastes water and is harmful to the environment, and traditional full-service carwashes use up to 100 gallons of water per wash,” said Ryan Blanchard, chief operating officer. “We are proud to only use approximately 12 gallons of fresh water — less than a standard residential commercial washing machine — per wash at H2Go Express, with the rest of the water used being recycled. Coupled with earth-friendly products, we are the best option for customers who want a clean car quickly while taking care of Mother Earth.”

According to the release, the “Earth Week” celebrations will include:

  • A ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, April 23rd at 11 a.m. with attendance from Cypress Mayor Stacy Berry and local dignitaries
  • $3 “Go Silver” washes (adds tri-color conditioner, clear coat protectant, premium wheel cleaning and tire shine)
  • $5 “Go Blue” washes (adds “dry 2 shine” plus e-foam shine protectant)
  • A free dashboard wipe and free use of vacuums, mat cleaners and compressed air with every wash
  • No upcharges for SUVs and trucks
  • Free frosty treats for visitors on Saturday, April 27th
  • A chance for visitors to win free carwashes for one year.

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Racer Classic Car Wash to offer free washes, support for local police officer

LUBBOCK, Texas —Racer Classic Car Wash gave away free $8 basic carwashes all day on April 5th at its brand-new location on Milwaukee and 67th and asked for donations to support two Lubbock police officers working to help their brother, Felipe Flores, who was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and underwent surgery, according to a press release.

Flores will be out of work for a while during his recovery, further treatments and rehabilitation, and funds will go to the family to help in managing his care, the release continued.

Flores has been serving on the Lubbock Police Department since 2006, the release added.

For those who chose to get an upgraded carwash, the amount difference was donated to the Flores family, and additional donations were also accepted at all Racer Car Wash locations, the release noted.

The new location is Racer Classic’s sixth location in Lubbock, the release concluded.

Baltus Co. celebrates grand reopening

MARSHFIELD, Wis. — According to, on April 5th, the Baltus Co. celebrated the grand reopening of its new, state-of-the-art Baltus Express Wash & Detail Center at 539 S. Central Ave. with a ribbon cutting.

“The Baltus Co. has been in the automotive service/gas station, and carwash business in Marshfield for 92 years,” John Baltus explained. “I’m the third generation Baltus to run the business.  My grandfather’s ‘Home Service Station and Car Laundry’ was located on First and Chestnut Ave. from 1927 until my father took over the business in the ‘50s and built a service station and carwash on the corner of Fifth and Chestnut Ave., where our corporate offices are currently located.”

Baltus added that his grandfather Frank’s “Service Station and Car Laundry” basically “consisted of grandpa with a bucket of soap, a water hose and a towel” at the time, while his father, Vern Baltus’ “Ultra-Spray Car Wash” was more modern than his grandfather’s facility, the article noted.

“But it still only consisted of guys wearing rain suits scrubbing the car by hand, then sending it through a soap, wax and rinse bath, followed by an automatic dryer,” Baltus recalled.

In 1987, the Baltuses relocated the carwash to 539 S. Central Ave., the article added.

“The full-service carwash built in 1987 was completely automated, complete with soft cloth shammy wrap-arounds, undercarriage spray, tire scrubbers, and sprayed-on waxes and rinses,” Baltus explained. “Cars were vacuumed, interior windows were cleaned, and the exterior was wiped down by hand.  That process was utilized the past 30 years, until the new technology with our newest wash was installed this past winter. The new wash is the most technologically advanced carwash available today, [and it does] it in just a
few minutes. No more waiting in slow-moving lines.”

During the weekends of April 5-6, 12-13 and 19-20, the company will celebrate the grand reopening with half-price carwashes and dozens of prizes, such as free carwashes for a year, barbecue grills, chairs and more, the article noted.

“In summary, I’m proud that the Baltus family has been washing cars in the Marshfield area for over 90 years and has been the leader in bringing the newest best technology to our customers during that time and will continue to do so into the future,” Baltus concluded.

Lightning McClean Car Wash opens

DANVILLE, Va. — According to, Lightning McClean Car Wash opened on April 5th at 550 Piney Forest Rd.

Lightning McClean offered free carwashes during its grand opening weekend, the article noted.

The wash packages range in price from $8 to $20, and there are 27 free vacuums stalls for use, the article added.

Co-owners Tommy Borgden and Scott Hamre also have Lightning McClean locations in Durham, North Carolina, and Lynchburg, Virginia, the article concluded.