This week, we cover new construction, a grand opening and a new move.

Tommy’s Express to open first location in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. — According to, a new Tommy’s Express Car Wash location is expected to open in January at 7048 Forest Hill Ave.

This location will be the franchise’s first location in Virginia, the article continued.

The carwash will feature a 5,500 square-foot building containing a 130-foot Tommy Transporter dual belt conveyor system, the article noted.

Furthermore, the carwash will also have a lane with a license plate reader dedicated solely to TommyClub members, the article added.

Rob Worrell, co-owner of the location and a financial advisor with brokerage Davenport & Co., and other investors purchased the property lot for $950,000 in December 2017, the article added.

Worrell said, “It’s designed to do a lot of volume. It’s designed primarily to provide a very high quality wash. The average carwash might have 12 dryers on it. This carwash has 18 on it, so quality is a huge aspect to it.”

This is Worrell’s first business venture, and he plans to manage the carwash full-time once it opens, the article noted.

“I was looking for a new opportunity and wanted to start my own business, so I started to look around for different business opportunities,” added Worrell.

Moreover, Worrell plans to open an additional three or four locations in the Richmond market, the article stated.

“[Tommy’s Express wants] to become the Chick-fil-A of the carwash industry,” Worrell said. “The carwash industry is very fragmented right now. The top five carwashes in the U.S. have 2.9 percent of market share. Compare that to the fast food industry. In fast food, the top 10 have 50 percent of market share. So, there is a lot of room for expansion in carwashes.”

Bee Clean Car Wash hosts ribbon-cutting ceremony

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — According to, Bee Clean Car Wash at 3411 Maple Ave. held its ribbon-cutting ceremony on Nov. 9th and its grand opening on Nov. 12th.

Owner Beau Hankinson said his family has been washing cars since 1954 and that he was excited for the new carwash to open, the article continued.

Bee Clean has been in development since May, and the carwash features state-of-the-art technology, the article noted.

“It has the latest technology, it has more brushes [and] more drying systems than any competitor probably in the state. It’s really that state of the art. We’re excited for everybody to come use us,” said Hankinson.

As part of the grand opening, the company offered free carwashes from Nov. 13-15 to those who brought a food or clothing donation, the article noted; all proceeds went to Eastside Ministries and Christ’s Table.

Furthermore, although the carwash was not yet officially open, from Nov. 11-12, the carwash also gave veterans free carwashes in honor of Veteran’s Day, the article concluded.

Carwash levels up at new location

PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio — According to, after Manny’s 100 Percent Hand Car Wash moved from its original location on Cleveland Rd. to 3002 Hayes Ave., it offered new amenities to its customers.

“This location is just on another level from the old spot,” owner Manny Jeffries said. “My goal here was to make our customer’s as comfortable as possible while they wait for their car. This is a more inviting space.”

The larger space allowed Jeffries to create a roomier waiting area featuring TVs, furniture, games, toys for kids and a snack bar with complimentary coffee, the article noted.

Furthermore, having more space allows Jeffries to take in more vehicles at a time and work in a more efficient manner, the article noted.

“At the old location we could only have a few cars inside at one time so there would be a line of people waiting,” Jeffries said. “Now, we can accommodate seven cars at once. It’s kind of like a barbershop. Each guy has his own vehicle to work on and then it moves down.”

Jeffries has nine employees, many of whom are ex-felons who had difficulties finding jobs elsewhere, and they all hand wash the vehicles, the article stated.

“A lot of these guys have had trouble getting jobs because of past mistakes,” Jeffries said. “I myself was one of those guys once, but now I’m in a position to help. Without my employees and the customers, there would be no Manny’s.”