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Mechanics on why you should wash your car in winter

LANCASTER, Penn. — Mechanics agree that spending a little at the carwash during the winter can save you a lot down the road, according to


LANCASTER, Penn. — It might not mean a lot when a carwash owner tells you washing your car is good for it, but it does when mechanics tell you the same thing, according to  

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Mechanic Ryan Martin said the salt will begin eating away at your car quickly. “I would recommend washing it off immediately after the salt spreading for a snow,” he said. “Salt causes rust. Once you have bare metal and salt and water, it’s a haven for rust.”

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Martin added that it’s important to make sure the wash you choose has an under blast option, or is a wash that gets to the undercarriage, which is important to prevent rust. He said it will take about six to eight years for brake lines to rust.


Another mechanic, Kyle Hertzler, said rust may take years to spread, but that rust will move fast if it’s not washed off. “Get it off as soon as you can. There’s not good way to stop rust, [but getting it] off as quickly as possible does help.”

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The carwash may cost you a little now, but in the long run it’s worth it, according to Martin. “Even if you spend $30 on washing your car over the winter, $30 is cheap compared to a $300 or $400 brake line replacement.”


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