MEBANE, NC — Micrologic Associates, the maker of business solutions for carwashes and quick lubes, has partnered with ARCA, which makes money transaction automation solutions, to put automated cash kiosks, capable of breaking large demonination bills, in carwashes, a BusinessWire press release reported.

The April 2 press release stated that Micrologic looked to ARCA for their expertise and to implement the Fujitsu F53 bill dispensing unit into a kiosk design.

The press release quoted Micrologic Owner Miguel Gonzales who stated, “It’s been a very reliable unit with all of the features we need. Our experience from both the technical end, to the sales end has been nothing but great.”

A powerful carwash brain

“Micrologic has done a magnificent job designing and producing a unique carwash payment platform,” Pete Sentowski, Director for OEM Sales at ARCA, stated in the press release. “We are pleased that Micrologic decided to go with the world class Fujitsu note dispenser distributed and supported by ARCA's OEM group.”

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