NEW YORK — Voters in Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota approved measures to raise their states’ minimum wage above the federally mandated $7.25 an hour, according to Forbes.

More than two-thirds of Alaskan voters raised the minimum wage to $9.75 by 2016, and 75 percent of Arkansas voters agreed to raise the wage to $8.50 by 2017, stated the article.

Nebraska voters agreed on $9 by 2016, and 53 percent of South Dakota voters decided to raise the wage to $8.50 by 2015, said the article.

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San Francisco voters increased the city wage to $15 per hour, and Illinois residents voted to increase its wage to $10 an hour by next year, reported the article.

States focused on other benefits as well. Massachusetts must now provide mandatory sick leave, noted the article.

Despite the wage increase, low-wage workers may suffer from shortened work weeks, shared the article.

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