INDIANAPOLIS — When Bill and Mike Dahm decided to divide the business in two, the process was drama-free, according to the Journal Gazette.

The brothers hired consultants who specialize in advising family-owned businesses during the deal, and now two separate businesses will roll out in less than a week, said the article.

Indianapolis-area locations will have the new name Crew Carwash, while other locations will remain under the Mike’s Carwash brand, noted the release.

“Like all solutions, it’s give and take,” said Bill Dahm in the article, current CEO of Mike’s, and future CEO of Crew Carwash. His brother Mike Dahm will become CEO of Mike’s Carwash, reported the release.

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According to the article, it made sense for Mike Dahm to take on the Mike’s part of the business because of his name. He was born 15 years after the company began, noted the article.

“People pull you aside” to ask details about the separation, Bill Dahm said in the article. “It’s almost like they’re looking for drama.”

During the split, real estate companies appraised the locations. The two companies will do purchasing together in the future, but they will not coordinate prices of other policies, said the article.

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