Market Focus: Mint Eco Car Wash offers free washes for police vehicles
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Market Focus: Mint Eco Car Wash offers free washes for police vehicles

Mint Eco Car Wash offers free washes for police vehicles

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — In celebration of National Police Week, Mint Eco Car Wash announced in a press release that they will be offering free carwashes for police vehicles as a permanent part of Mint Eco’s community outreach initiative.

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To date, Mint Eco has washed over 500 police cars across many police departments in the county, including the West Palm Beach Police Department, the Palm Beach Police Department, the Jupiter Police Department and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Geoffrey Jervis, co-founder and CEO of Mint Eco, shared, “While we will never be able to repay the men and women of the police forces who protect us every day, our free carwash for police vehicles program is a small step in the right direction. Ever since we founded Mint Eco in 2019, we have offered support for the police force that patrols the neighborhood within which we have a carwash. The principle is simple, ‘If you wear Kevlar for me, we will wash your car for free.’ Today, we are making the program permanent for any municipality within which we do business.”


Vic Monteleone, co-founder and president of Mint Eco, added, “One of our pillars as a business is a long-term commitment to bettering the communities where we do business. Great communities are built on the pillars of trust and safety, and you can’t have those two things without a dedicated police presence. We appreciate everything that our police departments have done to keep our communities, customers and families safe and want them to know they will always have our support as a local business.”

Details of the free wash program state that Mint Eco Car Wash will provide a free carwash to any police vehicle from a municipality within which Mint Eco has a carwash. 


Mint Eco currently has carwashes located in West Palm Beach and Jupiter. 

The Palm Beach Police Department, as a neighboring municipality, as well as the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office are also included in the offer. 

Mint Eco plans to have a carwash in every municipality in Palm Beach County and will extend this offer as it grows.

“Here at Mint Eco, we know better than anyone that maintaining a large fleet of vehicles in top condition starts with keeping them clean,” shared Shannon Hunihan, chief marketing officer for Mint Eco. “What we also know, from listening to friends of Mint Eco, is that it is often hard for an officer to find a clean, safe spot to make a stop while on patrol to use the restroom or refill a water bottle. We want our local law enforcement to know that they are always welcome to stop by any Mint Eco and use our facilities, any time we are open. We also have free coffee available for you on those extra-long days.”


Melissa Pirkey joins Relation Insurance Services as car wash division president

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — Relation Insurance Services announced the hiring of Melissa Pirkey as president of the Car Wash Division, noted a press release.

Pirkey will continue focusing on commercial insurance for new clients and specialize in her niche of carwash insurance.

She has joined an experienced and well-versed team and is looking forward to continuing helping new clients with their insurance needs.

Pirkey’s main objective has always been maintaining great relationships with her clients.

“There is no doubt Melissa will be a great addition to Relation and really embody our tagline of ‘relationships matter,’” said Mark Kochner, president of the Central Region.


She will still be offering nationwide coverage to new commercial clients and will continue writing insurance content for magazines as well as attending the industry events and expos.

Pirkey has been in the commercial insurance industry for over 15 years and looks forward to bringing her expertise and passion to Relation Insurance.

The Car Wash Express location hosting a 1-year anniversary

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The Car Wash Express is hosting a community event this Saturday, May 21, from 11a.m. through 2 p.m. at its S. WW White location, 1835 S. WW White San Antonio, Texas, 78220, according to a press release.


The company encourages the community to stop by to enjoy complimentary music, hot dogs, popsicles, drinks and carwash giveaways.

The Car Wash Express, WW White offers amenities including free bug prep, free microfiber towel use, free window cleaner use, free vacuum and free air.

The community can enjoy a convenient, quick 3-minute carwash.

Guests have the option of choosing a single wash or a monthly membership, which they can purchase using the on-site kiosk or online.

The Car Wash Express uses license plate reader technology that provides a quick and easy check in for guests.

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