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Mister Car Wash awards 41 scholarships

TUCSON, Ariz. — The awards are part of Mister’s Inspiring Futures program.


TUCSON, Ariz. — The journey from being inspired to inspiring others can be very short, as evidenced by the stories of 41 scholarship recipients selected by Mister Car Wash in 2018, according to a press release.

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Now in its third year, the Mister Car Wash Scholarship program is helping employees shape their futures by helping them reach their higher education goals, the release continued.

Scholarships totaling $34,000 were awarded by Mister Car Wash at the start of the 2018-2019 school year, the release stated, and each finalist received awards of $500 or $1,000 to be applied toward current tuitions at local colleges and vocational schools.

“It’s a thrill to see the size of our scholarship program grow for the third consecutive year,” said Megan Everett, director of marketing for Mister Car Wash.

Everett described how rewarding it was to review the scholarship applications and said she and her colleagues felt honored and inspired to work alongside such talented team members, the release noted.

“As a collective group, Mister Car Wash scholarship recipients include critical problem solvers and future leaders,” said Everett. “Mister Car Wash is honored to be part of their journey and is proud to share their goals of changing lives and making the world a better place.”

A review of all the winning essays reveals that working at Mister Car Wash is a first job for most scholarship recipients, the release added.


As evidenced by their essays, these individuals have thrived by maintaining a positive attitude, often balancing good grades in school with family, work and other extracurricular commitments, the release continued.

All have shown a deep commitment to team and self-improvement as well as demonstrated a strong work ethic, the release added, and through Mister Car Wash, they have learned to excel through the guidance of mentors, to lead by example and to stay goal-focused.

Reflecting the sentiments of all scholarship recipients, one wrote: “Mister’s commitment to helping their employees to reach the next level and fulfill their potential is reflected in our mission statement, ‘Inspiring People to Shine.’ When I started with Mister, I considered myself a hard worker, and I was proud of my work ethic. I have learned, however, that there is much more to being a hard worker than just working hard, per se. It’s an ability to prioritize the tasks at hand, an ability to push through difficult obstacles and going the extra mile that makes the difference between simply a hard worker and someone who has truly been inspired to shine. I am still the hard worker that I was when I began with Mister, but I have been inspired to shine in my character as an employee and as a person. I have been inspired to rise to my potential, to prioritize, to persevere, and to strive for that extra opportunity to shine each day.”


Awarding tuition scholarships to admirable students this year is part of Mister Car Wash’s Inspiring Futures program, the release stated.

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Presented below are the names, cities and colleges of all 41 recipients of Mister Car Wash’s 2018 Inspiring Futures Scholarship, according to the release:

  1. Adam Bigler — Provo, Utah — Brigham Young University
  2. Adrian Perez — Orlando, Florida — University of Central Florida
  3. Alexis Bencun — Abilene, Texas — Cisco Junior College
  4. Alexis Flora — Lancaster, Pennsylvania – Harrisburg Area Community College
  5. Anibal Hernandez — Grand Rapids, Michigan — Grand Rapids Community College
  6. Anthony Fiorella — Murfreesboro, Tennessee — Middle Tennessee State University
  7. Brian Hamm — Spokane, Washington — Spokane Community College
  8. Bridget Rabaglia — Severna Park, Maryland — Case Western Reserve University
  9. Brittany Hoover — Decatur, Alabama — Calhoun Community College
  10. Brook Burnopp — Arnold, Maryland — Anne Arundel Community College
  11. Bryson Martinez — Abilene, Texas — Abilene Christian University
  12. Carina Spurlock — Inver Grove, Minnesota — Inver Hills Community College
  13. Danielle Pomeroy — Tucson, Arizona — Grand Canyon University
  14. Eduardo Ballesteros — Tucson, Arizona — Pima Community College
  15. Emilie Turner — Bowling Green, Tennessee — Western Kentucky University
  16. Emily Fryer — Logan, Utah — Utah State University
  17. Erika Garcia — Tucson, Arizona — University of Arizona
  18. Gabriel Carreon — El Paso, Texas — University of Texas at El Paso
  19. Harmony Sartwell — Arnold, Maryland — Anne Arundel Community College
  20. Heather Whitehouse — Pasco, Washington — Columbia Basic College
  21. Isidro Beltran — Reading, Pennsylvania — Alvernia University
  22. Jakob Kopf — Reading, Pennsylvania — Reading Area Community College
  23. Juan Gomez — Bakersfield, California — California State University
  24. Julian Rubio — Las Cruces, New Mexico — New Mexico State University
  25. Kaitlyn Miller — Milledgeville, Georgia — Georgia College and State University
  26. Kaylie Green — Orem, Utah — Utah Valley University
  27. Kevin Wagner — Kennesaw, Georgia — Kennesaw State University
  28. Keysha’ Darby — Jackson, Mississippi — Stillman College
  29. Kiley Lezotte — Orlando, Florida — University of Central Florida
  30. Kirsten Speer — Spokane, Washington — Whitworth University
  31. Madison LaTurno — Springfield, Missouri — Missouri State University
  32. Martin Lemus — Bakersfield, California — California State University
  33. Mikayla Washington — Prairie View, Texas — Prairie View A&M University
  34. Ramiro Gomez-Diaz — Minneapolis, Minnesota — Augsburg College
  35. Rebecca Bennett — Orlando, Florida — Valencia Community College
  36. Rebekah Belkin — Orlando, Florida — Seminole State College
  37. Riyan Rattan — Houston, Texas — University of Houston
  38. Rolando Garcia Gaytan — Platteville, Wisconsin — University of Wisconsin
  39. Taylor Coleman — Austin, Texas — University of Texas
  40. Zachary Fruecht — Tarpon Springs, Florida — St. Petersburg Community College
  41. Zachary Marin — Clermont, Florida — Lake Sumter State College

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