Mister Car Wash site approved in Sartell
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Mister Car Wash site approved in Sartell

SARTELL, Minn. — A new Mister Car Wash location will be coming to Sartell, Minnesota, according to WJONAM.

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On Monday, Jan. 10th, the city council voted 4-1 to approve a conditional use permit for Mister Car Wash.

This new carwash will be built in the River Oaks Development.

The self-serve wash is planned to be a 6,472 square-foot structure that will include 28 self-serve vacuums.

This Mister Car Wash location has been a topic of concern in the community due to homeowners’ concern surrounding the facility.

The carwash is planning on operational hours from 7 a.m. to 7p.m. daily.

Mister Car Wash’s Director of Operations Luke Kittley assures residents that the company operates many facilities in residential areas.

The Mister Car Wash team does everything they can to prevent noise pollution and any disturbance to the nearby residential community.

“The loudest generation of noise is the blowers that dry your car off. What we’ve done is bring those blowers 15 feet into the building, with additional equipment to help buff some of the noise as well,” Kittley says.


Though some of the city council members initially shared concerns over the proposed carwash site, they ultimately were impressed with the dedication Mister Car Wash has for keeping the resident’s best interest in mind.

This new Mister Car Wash site will be the first commercial development on River Oaks Lane.

The area was rezoned for commercial use in May 2021.

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