RALEIGH, N.C. — Mobile, on-demand car care services are on the rise around Research Triangle (Triangle), according to The News & Observer.

Mobile businesses around the Triangle are providing customers with on-demand services including carwashes, fuel, auto repair, tire services and more, stated the article.

“We’re traveling to homes, offices, the side of the road, schools — anywhere you think, we’re fixing cars,” said Robert Koenekamp, founder and CEO of Proficient Auto, in the article.

The convenience of auto businesses are “a huge selling point,” reported the article, and are allowing customers to request a service online through a computer or a smartphone.

“A lot of the convenience factor goes along with another consumer behavior, which is the impact our smartphones are having on our lives,” said Scot Wingo, executive chairman of Spiffy, a mobile carwashing and detailing service, in the article. “What people really like in this convenience sector is the ability to take out their phone and have it be “a remote control for their life.’”

For Brooks Raiford, president and CEO of the N.C. Technology Association, the convenience of mobile services was a big factor for deciding to purchase tires through Michelin OnSite’s on-demand offerings, noted the article.

“They came to my office at the appointed time that I picked,” stated Raiford in the article. “I was able to pay online, and they came here and got my keys. And 90 minutes later, I had a new set of tires on our car.”

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