TOLEDO, Ohio — While Waterless Clean has been successful with its product line, the addition of steam cleaning will allow the company to reach a bigger audience, according to a press release.            

Richard Horvath, the owner and operator of Waterless Clean of Toledo, said, “Customers have always loved waterless car cleaning products, but we’ve had some first-time customers who have had vehicles with built-up grime and road tar embedded into their vehicles.”

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The company recognized that this type of cleaning needed something more involved. “Our steam cleaning system allows us to high-pressure steam wash a vehicle, even in hard-to-reach areas,” he continued.

The release states the system is also effective for removing road salt and brine, things that have covered much of the United States this winter.

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The steam cleaning system also has the added benefit of using very little water. “The small amount of water used in our steam process is easily wiped up with just a towel,” said Horvath.

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