SPRING HILL, Fla. — Prestige Mobile Detailing travels throughout the county to clean its customers’ cars, according to Hernando Today.

Owner Eric James has a crew of six for his business. He usually sends four people to a vehicle, with two cleaning the interior and two cleaning the exterior. They are usually finished in an hour, said the article.

James was working for another company when he realized he could do better on his own, so he started Prestige and built a client base through persistence, stated the article.

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Prestige suffered when the recession hit in 2008, but recently James has had double digit gains, he noted in the article.

Customers can have their cars detailed anywhere, including movie theaters and their places of employment, reported the article. Oak Hill Hospital is a regular stop.

The company also attends conventions and trade shows to keep up with the industry. James is working on using steam to better sanitize a vehicle’s interior, since it is healthier for the environment, explained the article.

James plans to expand to a third truck and trailer, which will give his team better access to the equipment they need for all types of detail jobs, said the article.

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