DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — OCD Mobile Car Detailing was founded in 2015 after realizing there was a clear gap between demand and the service levels in car detailing throughout the UAE, according to a press release.

In this part of the world, stated the release, “where sand and extreme heat can drain the life out of [cars],” proper maintenance throughout the year is crucial.

For the newly established mobile carwash and detailing business, “the name OCD, which hints at the obsessive compulsion of keeping cars clean, was a brain child of Qais Khan, a Dubai-based car enthusiast and entrepreneur,” informed the release.

Today, reported the release, OCD is one of the most sought-after mobile car care service providers with a cross section of customers throughout the Middle East.

The business provides mobile car care solutions through “a unique blend of sustainable technology and on-ground expertise,” continued the article.

OCD is one of few car care businesses to utilize environmentally friendly detailing products and ensure water conservation and waste management, added the release.

The only authorized company from the Middle East to be recognized by Mitchell & King, noted the release, OCD has serviced over 2,000 vehicles in just a short span of time.

“Car care is not a mundane job, it is rather a way of life. Our clients are emotionally attached to [their] cars, and we make sure we deliver top-notch services with personalized care for each car,” said Khan in the release. “Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business model, and indeed the response has been overwhelming. We aim to establish ourselves as the market leader in the car care and automobile industry in the coming years.”

You can find the release here.