ENGLEWOOD, CO — A new CarMax location opened here, and the dealership used a mobile washing service to make sure all the cars were clean for the grand opening, virtual-strategy.com reported.

The Dec. 17 story stated that Wash On Wheels can fit 300 additional carwashes into its schedule to accommodate grand openings and other special events. CarMax previously used the service to clean cars for a different grand opening, and many of Denver’s largest car dealers use the service.

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Every month, Wash On Wheels cleans about 30,000 cars for dealerships in the area. In the winter months, the service is able to go out and washes cars and trucks as soon as temperatures are above freezing.

“Our crews do a great job of dealing with winter conditions. As long as its above freezing, we’re out taking care of our clients, washing cars, trucks and buildings,” Joel Shorey, president of Wash On Wheels, said in the story.

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Wash On Wheels is Colorado’s largest mobile pressure washing company, and they have 26 years of experience. The company specializes in EPA water recovery and includes it with their wash services at no extra cost.

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