Multi-profit center reopens after fire - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Multi-profit center reopens after fire

AUSTIN, MN ― An electrical fire earlier this year had shut down City Car Wash, which includes a detail shop and used car business.

AUSTIN, MN ― An electrical fire earlier this year had shut down City Car Wash, which includes a detail shop and used car business, but it's now open again for business, the Austin Daily Herald reported.

The Dec. 4 story said Owner Jeff Carney had a "soft" opening on Nov. 23 so that the carwash wasn't overwhelmed while they were trying to work out some kinks.

“I wanted to make sure I didn’t break down right away,” Carney said in the story.

Electrical fire will close detail operation

The fire, which occured last March, may have been caused by too much electrical load. "It pretty much shut us down,” Carney said in the story. “We had to rewire the entire building.”

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