HOUSTON — According to www.chron.com, Jaime Diaz’s brother woke up around 6 a.m. on June 12th to someone pounding on the family’s front door, telling them they should go to the El Guero carwash.

When Diaz’s brother rushed over there, he found Diaz dead in the back of an SUV, the article continued.

Jesus Diaz, the victim’s son, identified his father, the article noted.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Investigator Mario Quintanilla said of the body, “There’s definitely trauma.”

Diaz appeared to have been shot, although the official cause of death still must be determined through an autopsy, the article noted.

“It bothers me that I don’t know who did it,” Jesus said. “It bothers me that [they would] leave his body here, when they could have called for an ambulance or somebody to come help him. Why would they just leave him here like he’s nothing?”

Quintanilla said that several people are known to frequent the carwash at night, although it was not clear if any were involved in Diaz’s death, the article noted.

According to officials, Diaz would often leave for extended periods of time and then turn up again unexpectedly, the article noted.

Jesus said he thought his father was in Mexico the morning his body was found, the article stated

As for the mystery man who knocked on their door and alerted them to Diaz’s presence, Quintanilla said that detectives absolutely want to speak with him and any who might know about Diaz’s death, the article concluded.

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