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New car detailing products on the market

DETROIT — With new additions being made frequently to the auto detailing market, it’s important to find the products that really work, according to a Detail XPerts blog.

DETROIT — With so many new products on the market it can be hard to keep up, but thankfully there’s a blog that organizes the ones you need to know about, according to a Detail XPerts blog.

Detail XPerts compiled a list of the 10 new products that detailers should be aware of, starting with Ultimate Interior Detailer. This product, according to the article, can restore the “brand new” look of your dashboard. It’s also easy to use and efficient, notes the blog.

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Turtle Wax Rinse-Free Wash & Wax “is one of those no rinse auto detailing supplies that really work” states the article, which goes onto say it is an inexpensive product that is easy to apply.

Air Re-fresher eliminates bad smells from the interior of a vehicle, the blog states, leaving it with a clean smell all of the time.

The full blog has a list of 10 products that can potentially improve a detailer’s job. Check it out to see if there's something that could help you detail vehicles.

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