WATERTOWN, N.Y. — Anthony Doldo is planning to open Tiny Bubbles Car & Dog Wash on Bradley Street in Watertown, according to WWNY TV.

The new business will feature three wash bays, stated the article, which will include one self-serve, one touchless and one soft cloth.

The new wash will also include two pet washes as well as an available groomer if a dog needs a haircut and blow dry, reported the article.

“It’s something different,” said Doldo in the article. “Watertown doesn’t have any, so I thought I’d try something different.”

The carwash is located next door to The General Store, which is also owned by Doldo, continued the article.

“It’s been a long road, and I’m looking forward to it,” stated Doldo in the article. “Eventually we’re going to tie it in so you can buy carwashes right at the gas pump.”

Doldo hopes to open the new carwash within the next week, noted the article.

You can find the article here.

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