JACKSON, Tenn. — After a conversation with a friend, Kevin and Shannon Robertson decided to open Auto Clean Express in their hometown of Jackson, according to the Jackson Sun.

The owners presented four offers on four different locations in Decatur, Alabama, stated the article, however the pair selected a site in Jackson while visiting family in the city.

Kevin reported in the article that after a few phone calls and a fast analysis on the population, traffic count and surrounding retail, he and his wife settled on the location.

“That’s when we found 1611 South Highland,” stated Kevin in the article. “I contacted PG&G, [which] owned the property and had developed Taco Bell and Long John Silvers. Corey Gutgsell, one of the partners, and I quickly came to a verbal agreement and we went to work putting together a deal.”

After a few weeks of additional market and environmental studies, civil engineering and securing finances, a closing date for the site was set, continued the article.

Once the Robertsons closed on the property, they turned their sights toward equipment, reported the article, and they installed innovative technology within the 100-foot wash tunnel.

“We did not skimp on brushes. We have two sets of wraps, two top brushes, one set of rocker panel brushes and one set of side brushes,” shared Kevin in the article. “That’s six sets of brushes that are touching every car that travels through. Although in the industry they are still referred to as brushes, they are not brushes at all. They are actually made from closed cell foam strips. Due to the closed cell, this material does not absorb dirt, but rather sheds it with each revolution of the brush, making our wash perfectly safe for automobile finishes.”

The new owners also wanted to perfect their site design, added the article.

“We wanted an open concept with a lot of lighting,” explained Kevin in the article. “Some people are intimidated by driving one of their most expensive assets into a tunnel, [so] we wanted our customers to be able to see what’s going on inside the tunnel. We wanted them to see exactly what is happening to a vehicle as it is pulled through on the conveyor. [We added] this, along with ample lighting at the pay stations and the vacuum canopy during the winter months. I asked myself, ‘What kind of environment would make me feel comfortable for my wife to stop in to wash her car and vacuum at night?’”

Kevin noted in the article that the mat cleaning, all-purpose cleaners, vacuums, microfiber towels and air fresheners are free with a carwash.

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