WOBURN, MA — Steam cleaner brand Daimer Industries Inc.® introduced KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S, a system made to tackle interior hard-surface buildup with all types of vehicles, according to PRWeb.

The Nov. 9 release stated that the machine’s house, boiler and other components are constructed from stainless steel so it can withstand use in busy detailing centers. It also includes an assortment of accessories including brushes and hoses.

New mobile system looks to steam away dirt

Steam cleaning offers many advantages for detailers including avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. Door jams, leather, vinyl, windshields and floor mats are appropriate for this product.

“Auto detailers are always on the lookout for commercial steam cleaner machines that score high in terms of performance, versatility and durability. Of course, the machines must also help easily tackle the toughest jobs,” Matthew Baratta, Daimer Industries Inc.® spokesman, said in the release. “Carwash professionals will surely appreciate the unbeatable combination of hot steam and high pressure levels with robust construction and the latest cleaning technologies.”