DALLAS — Dreamwash Auto Spa will open a new carwash in February 2015, according to owner Arshad Niaz.

The company recently completed purchase of the land for the new facility, which will include a 145-foot express tunnel and 20 free self-serve vacuums, said Niaz.

The wash will also feature pay stations with eGenuity point-of-sale kiosks, RFID monthly tags and numerous technological enhancements, noted Niaz.

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Dreamwash plans to introduce itself to local residents by providing free unlimited premium level washes, stated Niaz.

Niaz said in a release that the demographics of the Frisco neighborhood where the wash will open are promising.

“The city of Frisco has been consistently ranked amongst the top three fastest growing cities in the United States for the last 10 years, and the population is projected to grow 18 percent annually for the next five years,” explained Niaz.