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New wash will feature detailing and water reclaim

DAYTON, TN — The $1 million carwash will feature a waiting room, a detail area and a state-of-the-art water reclaim system.

DAYTON, TN — Construction of the new Waterworks Carwash that started here this spring is 60 percent complete. The wash is scheduled to open in December, reported.

The Sept. 30 story stated that the $1 million investment will offer two kinds of services. The basic 3-minute tunnel wash costs $5, and the detailing and hot wax service is $12. Included is free use of self-service vacuums.

Reclaim for the future

The new wash will include features like a spacious waiting room where customers can watch their cars being detailed, as well as a vending machine area. The wash will employ 10 part-time workers.

What puts this wash ahead of the rest is state-of-the-art water reclaim systems that are able to recycle almost all of the water used in day-to-day operations.

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