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Newly certified IDA detailer develops classic car specialization

EHPRATA, Wash. — Shae Morrissey has become one of the few women to receive the designation.

EHPRATA, Wash. — Shae Morrissey of Bill the Buff Man Automotive Detailing has been certified by the International Detailing Association (IDA), according to a press release.

Morrissey has become one of the few women to receive the designation, noted the release. She is the daughter of Air Force One Detailer Bill “The Buff Man” Quinn.

Morrissey specializes in detailing classic cars, stated the release. She performed paint correction on vehicles for Barrett Jackson Auctions as part of the Detailing Success Network’s Detail Mafia team.

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“Paint correction is imperative to restoring older vehicles to their original luster, but it requires removing a microscopic level of your clear coat using an abrasive so the paint can shine through,” Morrissey said in the release.

Detailing since she was nine, Morrissey shared in the release she hopes to gain even more experience and sharpen her skills further. She also manages the daily operations for Buff Man and its new West Coast Hogfather Motorcycle Detailing shop.

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