Newspaper readers vote on Topeka’s best detailer - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Newspaper readers vote on Topeka’s best detailer

TOPEKA, KS — The winner was recognized for having a great full-service offering and using the best equipment.

TOPEKA, KS — Eagle Auto Wash and Detailing won “best car wash/detailing” in The Topeka Capital-Journal’s Best of Topeka special section.

The Aug. 25 story stated that Eagle’s full-service option cleans all six sides of a customer’s vehicle — top, bottom, front, back and both sides. Owner Tom Enstrom said in the story, “Service is what we have to offer and if the service a customer receives is not the best, they have no reason to return to a business.”

Enstrom continued in the story, “We try to instill in our staff and through the purchase of the best equipment, soaps and waxes the highest quality available anywhere, the need to provide the very best service and to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We try to employ individuals that truly love to work on our customers’ vehicles to keep them looking new.”

Eagle also recently introduced new wash passes that allow customers to make one payment and have their vehicles cleaned an unlimited number of times.

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