MASSILLON, Ohio. — First Street NW Car Wash had hundreds of customers on Thursday, which felt like the first warmer day in a long time, according to Inde Online.

There is expected to be more snow in the area over the weekend, but highs that are above freezing.

Jay Bomze, of Yund’s Busy Bee Carwash has around 1,000 members of a carwash plan, that gives unlimited washes for a monthly fee. He said that with a carwash that is open all year, the first day it is sunny after a cold spell, the wash is packed.

The salt that gathers on cars from driving in the snow is damaging to the exterior. General Manager at Gordy Graybeill’s Auto Appearance Specialist, Tim Knight, said that “the sooner the better is what it comes down to,” when getting the salt off of cars.

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