MIDDLE TOWNSHIP, NJ — A carwash here is being forced to raise its prices to make up for the minimum wage hike, pressofAtlanticCity reported.

The Dec. 30 story said hourly employees will get a 14 percent raise starting Jan. 1 as the minimum wage will be going from $7.25 to $8.25 per hour.

Pragnesh Patel, owner of Billy Bob’s Car Wash has 13 employees and said he has to raise prices to stay afloat.

“We are a labor-intensive business, and it is going to impact us. Prices will go up. … Otherwise, we can’t survive,” Patel said in the story.

According to the story, New Jersey Policy Perspective has estimated that 254,000 workers will get more money as a result. 

The New Jersey business community spent more than $1 million in efforts to stop the hike, claiming it would lead to layoffs.

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