BRADDON, AUSTRALIA — In May of 2011, Bernard Hardy, 42, was caught with a backpack full of tools on a carwash roof wearing a dust mask, a wig, gloves and a hooded jacket, according to The Canberra Times.

The July 19 story stated that Hardy was arrested around midnight after being spotted by an employee, and he was charged with possessing articles with intent to use them for theft.

This week, a judge acquitted Hardy of the charge saying he was not a burglar. Instead he is just a “strange man.” The judge said he could not be satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that Hardy intended to commit theft.

During the trial, Hardy gave evidence that he is an artist, and on the evening in question he was trying to get a different perspective on buildings in the area. The court also heard that Hardy was a man with an unblemished character that held degrees in planning and architecture.

In the end, Hardy was found not guilty and his backpack and tools will be returned. Hardy pleaded guilty to trespass, but the judge dismissed the charge without recording a conviction.