NEW YORK — Z Best Car Wash here was left with expensive damage after Hurricane Sandy, but it had nothing to do with the storm, reported.

The Nov. 6 story stated that a giant swastika was painted on the Jewish-owned business’ façade during the storm. Also, Owner Russell Shern believes the same vandals used a hammer to put numerous holes in the façade leaving several thousand dollars in damage.

Hit-and-run vandals destroy a self-serve wash

“We’re worried,” Shern said in the story. “Most of my customers are Jewish, and I don’t know if we should expect this to happen again. It doesn’t look great to have a swastika on your building.”

The whole wall will have to be patched up and then repainted.

Carwash improving site security after vandalism

A surveillance camera that monitored the damaged wall was destroyed when the vandalism took place. Thus, detectives from the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit have little to go on when it comes to the investigation.

Shern noted that he was not sure who attacked the business, but he suspects neighbors who often complain about the noise from the carwash.

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